Flower of the Month – Aster

“A garden flower that is usually pink or purple, with many long, thin petals.”

This month we concentrate on the beautiful Aster which is said to represent both daintiness & love. The flowers are also associated with wisdom, valour and faith, making them a great choice for close friends, family and loved ones.


Posing similarities of a daisy, the Aster is named after the Greek word for ‘star’ and, if you look at the shape of the flower, it’s clear to see why with its stunning petals and crisp outlines. 


Petal heads that range in colour from white to blue to purple, these flowers bring beauty to gardens and homes alike.

Life Span

These delightful flowers bloom all year round and are one of the most vibrant in the autumn months, making them the perfect choice for this months feature flower.

Best for…

If you have a loved ones birthday or upcoming celebration, or whether you simply want to brighten up your home with a fresh selection of these beautiful flowers, be sure to keep an eye out for the Aster, available in some our special bunches.